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Types of Mobile Slots

As you have more than likely played slot games in a land based gaming venue before or have played slot games online then you may be wondering just what types of games are going to be available to you should you decide to play in the mobile gaming environment.

This is in fact a very good question, for it will always be dependent on just what type of mobile phone or mobile device you own that is going to determine whether you have a huge and impressive suite of mobile slots at your instant disposal of a more modest selection of games!

You are going to find the largest suites of mobile slot games can be accessed on a mobile device that will allow you to either download an App onto that device or a mobile on which you have access to a mobile web browser.

When you play via a downloadable mobile casino App you will have every time of game instantly at your disposal and those games all reside on your phone. However, when you play a selection of casino games via a web browser it will take a short while once you select those games until they are fully loaded and ready to play, but you will get just as large a selection of games on offer when playing via a mobile web browser or via a downloadable mobile casino App.

If you own a Blackberry or an older model of mobile phone on which you cannot download Apps and you do not have access to a web browser, then you are still going to be able to play a smaller range of games, and this is done by downloading one game at a time onto your mobile or Blackberry device.

Whilst the playability of the games are not as good as when you play on a new model of phone, you will still have just as many winning opportunities when playing on any type of mobile device! Let us now give you a run through of the different slot game categories that are available to mobile device users.

Classic Mobile Slots – There are only a small handful of classic slot games that you are going to find offered at most mobile casino sites, but those you can play such as the Couch Potato slot offer a high payout percentage and with just one payline to stake on, you will not find these types of slots very expensive to play!

3 Reel Mobile Slots – Three reel slots are much like the slots mentioned above, however instead of just one payline that you can activate you will find these types of slots can offer you three or five optional pay lines!

Progressive Mobile Slots – The chances of you walking off with a life changing jackpot payout when playing a mobile slot game is the exact same as when you play those slots at an online casino, and as such you should always give progressives slots some play time when you are having a mobile gaming session!

Mobile Video Slots – The most exciting types of mobile slot game you can play are of course the bonus game video slots, when playing these slots you will find not only can some main bonus rounds be awarded and triggered but many video slots also have bonuses and feature packed base games!

Mobile Fruit Machine Game – You will find some Fruit Machine games that have made their way over to the mobile gaming environment from the online gaming platforms, as such if you want an energetic and bonus feature packed type of mobile slot playing session then the Fruit Machine games will certainly give you that!


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