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ISISEgyptian themed slot games are always highly playable and popular with slot players and one game that has been launched on Microgaming’s mobile gaming platform that comes with such a theme is their Isis slot. This slot has lots of different stake options so it is suitable for all level of players.

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Vegas Paradise

Isis Slot Playing Tip

We have a very important slot playing tip to pass on to you regarding Microgaming’s mobile Isis slot machine. This slot is a very high variance slot game and that means that when you are playing it you could end up having lots of non paying spins spinning in repeatedly. So when playing this slot always set the stake levels down to low amounts, for that will see you comfortably being able to ride out most losing streaks and may just see you reaching the point in time where those huge paying winning combinations or high paying bonus games are awarded to you!

About the Isis Slot

If you’re looking for a low variance slot, this is not the one for you. The Isis slot is one of those slots that are best suited to players that are looking for a high risk high reward session. There are free spins in play on this slot, and wild multipliers, however, these symbols don’t spin in too often.

However, when they do, they spin in with a vengeance! As the game is so high variance, we’ve had mixed reviews, with a lot of players saying that the game is too high risk for them to enjoy playing, however, if you have a relatively decent playing budget, then be sure to try this slot, however, if you’re playing for more modest stakes, let us recommend a lower variance slot, such as the Football Star slot.

Isis does have variable win lines and stakes, which makes this slot highly playable for most types of players, however, if you are wanting to play a slot that offers more, then take as look at the Thunderstruck II slot, for this highly popular slot offers everything you could wish for and more.

Isis does come in two flavours, and should you be in the market for a progressive jackpot, there is a variant which is linked up to the Mega Moolah jackpots, and if you don’t mind sacrificing a minimal amount of your RTP, one of these jackpots could be yours, and the top jackpot starts at 1MILLION!

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